Psychotherapy is a process of communication between a psychotherapist and a person who comes to consult ("patient" or "client") given for the purpose of improved quality of life in the latter, through a change in behavior, attitudes, thoughts or emotions.

Each of these conceptions, for each of the schools or currents, together are called "psychotherapy". Furthermore, the term psychotherapy presupposes a scientific approach or orientation defined word being considered a broad scientific and specialized professional domain, specified in various theoretical and practical guidance.

In psychotherapy there is a great diversity of current approaches and theoretical concepts applied to the psychotherapeutic field, giving rise to as many ways to set the context of communication. However, two characteristics that unify psychotherapy are:

  1. The direct and personal contact between the therapist and her client, mainly through dialogue.
  2. The quality of "therapeutic relationship" in the context of communication, that is, a ratio of aid to generate a change in one query.